Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy : The 1%

An outlet. A log. A record. This is the journey with my little 4-legged buddy thus far. 24th September 2016, No specific time Displays some ataxia in hind left limb. Patellar reflex ok.… Continue reading

Here’s to new beginnings

Here’s the last year of my life in a couple of words. Left job. Worked part-time. Decided what i wanted to do with the rest of my life. Packed boxes. Moved abroad. Unpacked… Continue reading

Jingo the Singapore Stray

Jingo the Singapore Stray, a photo by skohly on Flickr.

Today I… Bought a car

I signed the papers and I left a deposit. Tomorrow is the day all the remaining paperwork gets settled. Wednesday ownership of the car will officially be transferred to me. Thursday my new… Continue reading

D.I.Y. Commitment Rings

I recently celebrated an anniversary with a trip down to nearby Bali, Indonesia. While in Bali, my partner and i decided to seal the deal on this relationship. As the great Beyonce Knowles… Continue reading

Photo Update: Pulau Tioman 2012

So I’m back from my weekend dive trip in Pulau Tioman, Malaysia. The grueling 3 hour bus ride and 2 hour boat ride just to get to the island was made worthwhile by… Continue reading

Photo Update: Golden Buddha 2011

In case you’re interested, i scuba dive. And underwater photography is a rather new preoccupation. These were taken while diving in the Andaman Sea off Phuket, Thailand. It’s one of the first few… Continue reading

Photo Update: Canadian Rockies 2010

Another set of photos dug out from the deepest darkest chasms of my hard drives. At this point, i am clearly regretting the haphazard manner in which i had stored all these memories.… Continue reading

Dropquest 2012: Walkthrough

This may seem a tad anti-climatic as my first software post, but having spent the past 6 hours on this, i feel the need to share this accomplishment. A little bit of background… Continue reading

Photo Update: Burma 2011

First up, many apologies to the few of you who opted for email notifications of my blog updates, i know i did multiple posts/reposts/deletes within the span of the last 3 hours. I’m… Continue reading